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Release Notes of Apache Ant 1.10.7
Changes from Ant 1.10.6 TO Ant 1.10.7

Fixed bugs:

 * FTP still tries checking or entering directories after a timeout
   Bugzilla Report 63454

 * junitlauncher - does not detect failure in @BeforeAll
   Bugzilla Report 63479

 * Error using ant-1.10.6 with jdk8
   Bugzilla Report 63457

 * FTP task no longer duplicates a check for a file being a symlink.
   Bugzilla Report 63259

 * junitlauncher task, when used in fork mode with "<testclasses>",
   used to create the wrong number of listeners per test class. This
   has now been fixed.
   Bugzilla Report 63446

 * The "legacy-xml" junitlauncher task's listener would not include
   @ParameterizedTest testcases in its XML report file. This has now
   been fixed.
   Bugzilla Report 63680

Other changes:

 * FTP task timeout improvements.
   Bugzilla Reports 63252 and 47414

 * junitlauncher task now supports selecting test classes for execution,
   based on the JUnit 5 tags, through the new "includeTags" and
   "excludeTags" attributes.

 * prefer https over http when building ant itself, and in the ant 
   documentation and sources

 * changed the references and Maven coordinates of JavaMail dependency
   to Jakarta Mail and thus javax.mail to jakarta.mail - and upgraded
   the dependency to 1.6.3.